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last updated 02.01.10

The Maggots from Murders! kit is not merely a single case study or scenario, but an unending series of cases which the instructor can alter from year to year. Even with just one blow fly species, suspects as well as time of death can change by simply changing the life stage or stages recovered from the body, scene, autopsy.

Maggot Kit contents: NSCS content standards: A, B, C, E, F

organized storage box

Maggots From Murders! Organized Storage Box with top closed displaying the Maggots From Murders! logo Maggots From Murders! Organized Storage Box with top open displaying contents
manuals and vials fit neatly into a sturdy, labeled box
8 insect vials

Maggots From Murders! Insect Vials
complete life cycle of "black blow fly" species (egg, 3 larval stages, "migrating maggots", uneclosed and enclosed puparia, and adults. Each of the 8 ethanol preserved life stages contained in its own reusable screw-top vial
instructor's manual
includes information on blow fly growth and development, blow fly identification keys, helpful hints at case solutions, species development tables, suggestions for experiments related to the case, and solutions to scenarios
forensic entomology investigator's manual
the student manual that includes a forensic case scenario based on a real case, species, development tables, and blow fly identification keys
Maggots From Murders! Instructor's Manual and Forensic Entomology Investigator's Manual

To order contact:
Forensic Entomology Classroom Tutorials, LCC
425 Kannal Ave
Rensselaer, IN 47978
Phone: 219.866.7824
Fax: 219.866.7628

It is planned that once the Maggots from Murders! Species D kits are in use, other species kits will be developed. They will include green bottle flies, blue bottle flies, screw worm flies, and other taxa of the blow fly family Calliphoridae.

Maggots from Murders!